Friday, March 30, 2007

Struttin our stuff

After a rather wet Jolly down to Dorset and GT Tuning Grampys got a spanking new strut brace.

The diffence is noticeable straight away. The GPs cornering beautifully.

We've stopped off for a bite to eat before returning home to complete the last section of The Frenchweekender video.

Monday, March 26, 2007


£49 and just over 30 minutes and we're back. We were offered an earlier train, so we took up the chance.

The winner of this years "who can get the most in their mini?" competition, goes to the RVW's who spoted the multy buy on the Leffe beer.

Ah well on the way home now after another Fantastic French Weekender.

Well done Chrissie and Ady and a massive thank you for all the hard work you put into organising this. it is truly appreciated.

Lunch stop in Rouen

Lunch was had, in the sun overlooking the beautiful modern churh, dedicated to Joan D'Arc. With fabulous stained glass whndows, this church is a stark contrast to the Cathederal with its twig like spire.

A quick stroll around the shops and then onto Calais

Early one Morning

Another late night for some as there was a 5 litre boy of wine to polish off. Stu was on a one man mission to accomplish this, but Chris Andy and myself insisted on helping him.

Apparently, Jane as patient as ever, did have to point out to Stu (on his return to his own room) that Disco dancing on the bed wasn't one of his best ideas.

With a long drive back, the groups now making its way to Calais, with a few stop offs along the way (including the essential supplies at Calais). Who'll be the winner of the Ady's Supermarket Sweep? I'll let you know later.

Its a beautiful bright morning here, and although the sun is low at present, it makes perfect driving conditions for our trip home.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lunch with the Troglodytes

No not the French Weekenders, but the little critters who live in the caves at Rou Marson.
The restaurant set in the caves, serve a simple but tasty meal, with cheese, pork and a type of bean stew. Very different from last nights hote cuisine, but just as good.

Many of the group are off to the Chateau at Villandry followed by the wine caves at Amboise, which we did yesterday, so we're making our way back to the hotel.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Winner of the Quiz

The French Poodles. AKA Minisoopercooper and PAA100

Chateau Chenonceau

Its starting to warm up here at the Chateau Chenonceau, partly aided by the wine tasting. This is a beautiful place, but as appealing as the buildings are, Chateaus own wine at £2.37 is even more appealing.

Loggin in Blogging

What an amazing day this is shaping up to be. The suns come out and we've had a great time at the home of Da Vinci.

The house is marvelous, and although not as spectaculous as Versaillous, i found it just as stunning. With many working examples of Da Vinci's inventions on display, there was plenty for the group to look at, and after a quick visit to the museum shop, we made our way to the beautiful gardens. It was a chance to take some photos and a chance to let your hair down and have a play with the interactive toys

Early one morning

The suns come out and the groups eager to go. After a quick photo shoot and a hilarious formation sprint by the trio of photographers, the shot of all the group was obtained and its off to the Da Vinci Museum we go.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Palace of Versailles

OK so the cars arn't outside of the actual, but i don't think those nice French people would let us park on the newly laid cobbled courtyard. Especially as Chris nearly got thrown out for using his tripod in the Palace gardens.

The Palace is massive, and some of the rooms amazing. Having said that i found the palace we visited in Italy on the Italian Job far more beautiful.

We're now on our final leg of journey today, on to Amboise and our hotel.


We couldn't resist a full monty breakfast after a smooth but noisy crossing. We've landed in an overcast Le Havre, but its warm and dry.

With the group assembled, we're making our way to Monet's Gardens for a wander and a few photos, and for us, our second breakfast of the day. Hopefully some croissants and some of that decent French coffee.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

All aboard!

The cars are safely tucked up in bed, leaving the group free to relax and have a few drinks.

Ady has a cunning plan and as the group sits down for the evening, he hands out each individual a white envelope, which contains a mission.

Argh... Whats my mission? If i told you i'd have to kill you.

Meeting at the Harvester

The groups assembled and tucking into a meal before setting off on the overnight ferry to Le Havre.

Its a chilly night, and the party's eager to get on board,

Saturday, March 17, 2007


We managed to get lost on the way to Northampton, but so did most of the others. Miraculously, however we all managed to arrive at Woollastons whthin a couple of minutes of each other, despite a lorry deciding to crash into a bridge, and take half of it with it.

Woolastons laid on a bountiful bar-b-que, with lashings of bacon rolls on offer. With plenty of cars to view, including a GP with 1700 miles on it, there was plenty for the group to discuss before making their way back to Oxford and home.

This was another well organised run from the Oxford MINI Club, and a most enjoyable day, which has helped raise more money for Red Nose Day 2007.


Jon should have picked another nose!

The Ultimate Red Nose

Becca3003 modeling the latest accessory.

Best of british

Around 20 cars have arrived including 118 in his Titty. Hopefully he'll return from the dark side soon!

Theres a great mix of first and second generation MINIs in attendance, we're off down some pacey winding roads.

On to our hosts for the day at Woollastons MINI Northampton.

Greetings from Oxford

After an early start and a quick cuppa we've arrived at Oxford. Overcast and a bit chilly but the madness has begun with Chris convincing the drivers to partake in a bit of acting ready for the Oxford MINI Club Karoke video, coming later on.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Six GPs

After the track the Gps line up for a photo

Lined up and ready to go

An amazing site to behold as still the cars turn up.

After a short but spritely paced run the cars are lined up alongside the track and make an impressive sight. Bring on the Hammerhead, bring on the MINI Stiglets.

And the challenge is on

The suns come out and the cars are assembling at Newlands Corner. A massive meet with even a couple of John Cooper Challenge cars and 4 GPs already here.

Clubs from all parts of the Country are represented with a marvelous array of colours, models and mods.

As we prepare to move of the is excitement in the air and not much more room in the car park. So off we go and speak to you soon, so keep following.