Saturday, November 08, 2008

MINI graveyard

I take it these cars won't be on the rollers today. It's so sad to see someones once pride and joy cast aside, but these cars realy are beyond repair and ready for the breakers.

We've had an interesting and noisy afternoon. And a massive thankyou to our host, Paul from 1320 Autos and the guys from Mini Torque who've helped to raise more money for the Charity, Kidsout.

Interestingly, for those of you that follow our adventures, today on our way home we got caught up in the middle of the Huntingdon Hunt.

With 20 plus horses surrounding the car, you can imagine how nervous Chris was, considering his last encounter with a horse!

Mini Torque

Back from the Italian Job and off to 1320 Autos, with Mini Torque for a rolling road day. Where's some 20 or so, performance MINIs here plus or Snoopy (although Snoopy's being spared the thrashing on the rollers today)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The day after the night before

Or should i say the day after the 9 days before?

What a fantastic time we've had again the year and met some great friends along the way, too many to mention but two of them, team Team 69 (aka Missing In Action) followed us for a while on the way out of Brighton.

Thank you to the organisers, who yet agaim, put on a fantastic show, you're hard work is truly appreciated by all the Jobbers.

Finally, on a personal note, a MASSIVE thank you to my better half Chris, who just over 10 weeks ago, succombed to my badgering and agreed to do 'The Job' again.

We've had a blast and hope you've enjoyed the trip too. Remember if you can, please donate a couple of quid to Kids Out, because our fund raising continues beyond the Italian Job. Thank you.

Finish line

Unfortunately owing to yesterdays appauling weather, the usual finish on Madiera drive had to be cancelled. We drove all the way from Paris in the pouring rain, only to land on UK soil to find more of the same. It made the drive to Brighton extremely tiring and most of the jobbers made their way to their hotels.

Our hotel was the Myhotel in Brighton. It wasn't cheap, but no decent hotel in Brighton, at the weekend, ever is. This hotel, is bright, modern and has a fantastic Cocktail Bar, and i would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere special to stay. Aldo Zilli has a restaurant in the hotel, and although the famous Italian Chef doesn't cook there himself, the menu is scrumptious and very reasonable with mains in the region of £10 to £14. If breakfast was anything to go by (including honemade baked beens and sussex) i wish we were stopping for another night.

We arrived at the Hilton Hotel for the Gala Dinner, where we were greated with Champaign and our finishers medals and certificate. After we were piped in, by Purplepiper (aka Vikki) we had a superb 4 course meal. The Hilton absolutely surpassed previous years' menu with this one.

A few speechies and then onto the presentation of this years awards. Our glasses full, it was then onto the dance floor, and the days arduous drive was totally forgotten.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

First drink of the night

Campari and soda for jax and Vodka Martini for Chris (with olives).