Friday, May 23, 2008

Pinks up for grabs?

Nah, just for a service at Scothalls dealership in Borehamwood..

Ah, but i hear you say, why was MINIadventureWorld there today? Perhaps a thread could be started on as to our next adventure...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ooh look at that for lights

Handle lights dont you just want them? Contact

As per usual the MINI2 team have put on a fantastic event, and as the night progresses, there's plenty of chatting going on. In the disco Shams doing a sound job, leading all the groovers with his twinkle toes.

One of the highlights of the night has to be Nibs proposing to Debbie... Ahhhh

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Help for heros

Please take some time out and think about absent friends who might be serving the forces, visit to see how you can help

In addition to raising money for 'Help for heros', Nathan and helpers did a great job earlier this year raising £800 towards tonights Charity 'Make a Wish' which has got tonights funding raising off to fabulous start.

Gamblers and Co

Can yov name them?

As part of tonights fun, the organisers have arrange for a roulette and Black Jack tables. Strictly for fun we've all been given £20,000 play. Pretend money of course, otherwise we'd all be off to Woollastons MINIs for a bit of a shop.

Auction time

And so far CK and i have bid against each other to get a towel !

Quack, quack Jack

A great welcome awaits the Ballers and QQJ has been ducking into the Chocolate Fountain thats been laid on to welcome back the Nutty Run participants.

Fevs and Speeedd getting loved up

A sign of things to come? As Speeedd tweaks Fevs nips in an effort to tune into MiniadventureWorld.

We ditched out of the Nutty Run earlier today and made our way directly to the bar where we found the usual suspects from MINI2

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Himley Hall

WOW what a fabulous day. The sun has certainly brought the Miniacs out today. Apparently theres a complete stand still outside of Himley Hall and around Dudley as people try to get into the venue and the organisers are threatening to clore the gate as we're at capacity here.

It's 28 degrees and gloriously sunny.

With lots of familiar clubs and even more familiar faces, GP Mick has managed to assenble 30 GPs plus 2 on other stands.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pre Himley Prep

With the gates opening at 9am tomorrow, we've decide to stayover at the Kingswinford Premier Inn, and it looks like we're not alone, with eight othe MINIs in the car park including thls ratier unusual jacked Cooper.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hillybilly Recce Run

A few of the guys have met up to check out the route for our run on the 1st June.

We've made our way to the Chequers in Redbourn and managed not to loose anyone on route. As per usual some great company and excellent food...