Monday, March 24, 2008


After some great little roads, it's time for a quick drink and a packet of crisps, before we set off on our final stage.

East Coast Minis have done a great job today, raising money for Bury St Edmunds Hospital Special Care Baby Unit. They've even organised a raffle this year.

So it's off on the last stage and it feels like the snows following us, as the are a few flakes in the air as the last raffle prize is drawn.

1st stop

Well, we've driven through a blizzard to get here and come out the other side, and it is FREEZING!

Because the snow came down so thickly we came directly to Tobys Walk. The sun has come out but as we wait to go onto the next stage, there is a flurry of snow in the air. It feels strange, to be standing in bright sunlight after coming through thick snow clouds, and most cars a have snow caked onto the front of their bumpers (apart from these two, whom i reckon, have had a quick clean!).

It's Snowing!

Easter Bank Holiday, but it's more like Christmas here in Norfolk, with lots of fresh snow. The kid inside of me cant help but be excited.

Nearly time to set off and there's 40 plus cars already. Not as many as last year, but, considering the weather, a fabulous turnout.

With conditions like today's the run will be slower than usual. However, the starting point is just in front of Halfords, and some of us have joking said about going in for supplies. I hope we don!t regret not going in, as the day progresses!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Presentation Time

Sponsors have donated some fabulous raffle prizes in aid of 'Help for Heros' and 'Make a Wish Foundation'

There were prizes awarded for 'Best Dressed MINI' and a cunning special stage.

Massive thanks to all those that organised and contributed, to this huge event, and a great start to the 2008 season.

Top Gear wreckage

Tucked away we found The Top Gear Graveyard. With classics including the Aqua Cars, the stretched, stretched Fiat Panda and the Reliant Robin spaceshuttle.

They must be still loved by somebody.

Meeting Mates

After months with nothing to do, its time to park up and chat with friends old and new. The organisers have arranged catering and the tantilising smell of bacon buttys, wafts in the air.

Unfortunately, the weathers now closing in, and the drizzle, seems to be getting heavier.

On Track

On a freezing Dunsford Airfield, the MINIs get a chance to put in a few laps of the track. In groups of 20, the cars are led out, by the safety car and then the pace is quickend til the screetching of tyres can be heard.

Top Gear

The first major event of the Year, with a huge attendance expected. The weather forcast isnt great for today, but hopefully we can get out on the track. We've set out early so we can get to the track to film some of the other guys turning up.

At the moment we're starting to line up on the far side of the track, well out of the way, and clear of any planes coming in or taking off