Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ready for the Dolomites

Extra lights, carbon fibre down tubes, hand brake and cup holders and some new tyres (we got 12,000 miles out of the others) and we're all set for the Dolomites from Monday 4th.

We've got to catch them up as they set out on the Sunday before. I just hope we have some tyres left by the time we get to the mountains!

Mikeys Carbon Pimping Part 2

Off to Mikey at Newministuff for some additions to the GP

Sunday, May 20, 2007


We've decided to pop down to Brighton, with the kids. Its very busy here with loads of Classics and some splendid examples of New MINIs.

We've spotted Foxy Mini cleaning in the show and shine competition and met up with a couple of the guys from the Italian Job. We've even spotted 118s old car illegaly parked and about to be towed away if the owner doesn't respond to the call from the PA system to remove it!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pizzas at 4am

After a three course meal and lots of drink what better than a pizza outside the hotel.

Sorry about the spelling but im very drunk

And what happens at the end of the ball?

A pile of bodies

Fevs is 30

Truth behind the kilt

Shocking truth

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Take a Gamble

With chips in hand the ballers take tn the tables

Discn nites

You'd better believe it


Paul Mullet with the prototype R57

The auction begins

After speeches from Sham and Paul Mullet we take time out to remember our Ruthie.

And now the Auction begins. First on offer, Jordan, as a personal slave, won by Jon!

Sham-less behaviour

Our Sham and taking time out to discuss tactics on raising money for tonights Charity

The night begins

With James Bond thumping out we're taking our seats

Pre Dinner Drinks

Nutty Run cracked and back to the hotel for some drinks before getting ready for tonights meal and fund raiser.

Lunch at Woollastons

As ever excellent host witi a great bar-b-que

Perils of the Pothole

Or should i say crater! An impromptu stop for most of the Nutters, to check their cars.

Re Group

After a brisk first leg its time for a regroup

Chariots ready for the Charity run

The rains keeping of at the moment and the cars assemble for 2007 Charity Run.

With few hangovers we're joined by last nights early starters.

A great selection of cars with loads of diferent decals, including a full Umion Jack wrap and a beautiful flip paintwork.