Friday, August 31, 2007

Coledale Inn

A great little hotel with fabulous views and even better food.

The drinking has started early tonight and the group have decided to dine at the hotel after a long day.

I had a hard time explaning to one of the hotel employees that 'yes we belong to a group , and yes we are also friemds, but we dont all live in the same area!'

Has this man not heard of comunication over the internet!

Hardknot Slip-knot

On a drizzly day like today the Hardknot pass brings additional challenges. Having done the Passes in the Dolomites earlier in the year, the steep incline and decline, were no problem, but the uneven road surface, certainly did its best to peel of aerokits and splitters.

Ouch thats gotta hurt!

Ejected from the Castle

This weekend we're meeting up with a couple of the guys from Newminiseverns for a weekend in the Lake District.

After meeting up with the RVWs we've made our way after a 3 and half hour journey, to Muncaster Castle, to meet the rest of the group. As we arrived after the others we decided to get our priorities, and sort out a cup of tea and something to eat. We were going to go to the garden centre section, but were informed that we would still have to pay the £9.50 entry to spend money in the shop.

I don't think so!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Grampy and his Italian Cousins

After an extremely hectic day, we get a chance to have a photo with the Ferrari club. After a quick chat with the guys we've established that none of them have been to Marenello, and they seemed impressed that our little Grampy was going there.

Just before we left we also had a visit from a very familiar MINI2 face. GR33NIE now minus his MINI, so we convinced him to buy an Italian Job raffle ticket. You never know he might just win the R56. I hope he likes it!

We've had an amazing day and raised over £100 for the Italian Job Charity. Thank you to all those who contributed.

Back to the Future

With loads of different cars here the public have plenty to look at, but still the GP gets plenty of attention, with only the Ferraris getting a bigger crowd.

Where are you?

After last nights drinking session. the rest of the guys have fallen by the wayside.

We're in good company with the Ferrari and Rolls Royce Clubs.

Jacked Up and family have just popped by, and apparently our flag can be seen from the car park!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

What is Rams doing to Rakey?

Rams bid £40 in the Charity Auction if Rakey wears a ladys small Mini top. What a squeeze!

Whats going down in Speedds pants?

Well i'm not sure how this started, but someones swiped the aerial off Rams car and we've all taken turns to put it down our trousers!

Back to the hotel

The balloons didn't take of but the MINIs made an appearance at a very wet and muddy Northampton Festival.

We're now back at the hotel and having a few drinks before dinner and tonights charity auction. I think i'll take it a bit easier this evening as i think i got to bed around 3am this morning after drinking wine in the car park, with Dav52 and Biglove

Soggy break

Unfortunately the rain has started to pour down as we enter the final stage of the run


Bumped up rather than Jacked up. Just entering Bourton on Water and there's been an incident involving two Minis. Everyone involved is okay, but the cars look like they will need recovering.

Red-dy to go

Packed lunches purchased and we're ready to go.

As per usual theres a fabulous turnout

Cotswolds 5

With an expected turnout of 130+ cars, people are starting to gather already.

Unfortunately the weather forcast isn't too good, but at the moment the suns out and there's a warm breeze.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fresh from the USA

Many many drinks and we've made contact with our fellow GP owners and sitting outside having a few drinks

Ice and chopsticks

First night of the Cotswolds and after a few drinks the gang resort to eating icecream with chopsticks.

When questioned why Mad Brummie would do such a thing he replied 'i'm just joining in with the Culture. "Brummie this is the Aroma restaurant in Northampton, what culture would that be...."

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Whats up?

We've had to take an impromptu stop, after a bus got stuck under a bridge.

Eventually the bus was freed and the runs been able to continue.

On a busy Sunday we've made our way to Scarborough and Filey, and had a crulse along the beach front. The crowds on the whole seemed impressed by our attendance.

Apologies to you all for not posting so much this weekend. Unfortunately because we have been in some very remote locations, the reception on the blog phone has been very weak.

On the plus side, we've seen a couple of shooting stars this weekend. So it's time to make a wish.. Now what MINI shall i wish for?

Lined up ready to go

The weathers cleared and we're ready to go

With about 30+ cars meeting at the campsite it's an opportunity to take a few pictures with a marvelous backdrop.

Outside the car we've been joined by many more cars who were parked in the village.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

So the man beneath the shirt is revealed

Afternoon session and the weather has definately turned warm.

The secret of the GP coolin system?

After a somewhat spritely blast around the vilages of Yorkshire, its time to take a break at Duncombe Park.

Black Sheep Brewery

With 30+ cars we've made our way to the Black Sheep brewery for a quick break

Friday, August 10, 2007

MINI Pirate

With the Italian Job fast approaching we've popped into MINI Pirate to get a few additions to GramPy and Cosper.

A professional job as ever, and bespoke graphics made on the spot, Phil has created some roof decals in not only the GP font but in a matt vinyl that complements the original GP graphics perfectly.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Malvern Hills

The run finishes with the customery trek to the top of the hills to admire the wonderful Malvern views.

A massive thank you to Chrissie and Ady (aka Peanut and Beastmaster ) for another, superbly organised run.

Bring on Malverns IV and more campers.

Lunch stop

Fabulous buffet at Marlbank Inn, and the food keeps coming!

Every car has now arrived with just a few stray ones arriving in time for the buffet.

So whos car is this?

After the recent floods around Malvern, the roads have dried out in the warm sunshine.
As per usual, Chrissie and Ady have picked some superb twisting lanes, combined with some very fast quiet back roads. There really is something for everyone on this run.

Back to the Marlbank Inn now for a spot of lunch before part 3.

Malverns III

So the Malverns III begins on a beautiful hot, sunny day. Ady and Chrissie have timed this perfectly again, enabling the participants to sample some of the best Malvern roads in glorious conditions

There's 40 plus cars here today, including a lush Cooper S Cabriolet, with black vipers and Sidewalk wheels.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Back to the campsite

With a good number of campers in attemdance, its time to have a few pre-BBQ drinks.

The problem now, is to light the BBQs. Not that its windy, but most of us have had a few drinks. HIC

Its camping time again

We've arrived at Marlbank Inn, and a few of the campers have already set up camp. PAA100 is here as well, but not in the X3 that he did the Dolomites in, but in a new Pepper White, Coopers S.

We've popped into Upton upon Severn to get some water, but we've also resorted to getting extra wine.

With the characters assembled here, we thought there might be some heavy drinking tonight!