Sunday, June 24, 2007

Journey home

With time to spare we've stopped off at Brugge.

Although its raining this City's beauty really shines through. We found a fabulous little restaurant called 'Gruuthuse Hof.' which does the biggest and best quality, pot of mussels. It also serves a great local dark beer.

Lunch done, we took a chance to buy some chocolates and some of the beer we just sampled.

Now its onto Calais.

After last nights party, it seems quiet here, but the rain has arrived, and thats keeping people away. There'still no sight of the traveller. I think the appearance on the Zandvoort track, jus t before MINI UNITED, was just a promotional stunt on the part of BMW.

We've some stunning cars here and it's definitely been worth visiting. Just before we left we found the special edition car (celebrating the 1 Millionth MINI), tucked away in an unlight garage. This is a lovely little Pepper White, with sage green graphics, and interesly, leather seats, but one seat has been done in green leather.

We have had a great time, and we will miss the cameradory of the Event. As we leave and other MINIs come and go, there is plenty of waving and flashing of lights.

So its back to England and our home town, where hardly anyone waves.

I'm missing MINI UNITED already!

At last the Master Arrives

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Enter thd Faithless!

Stay out all ye non-believers of the Power of MINI

Great Geisha

And thumping great music

MINI2 crew in a Titanic Adventure

The crew gather for tonights do

Foxy Mini and Brettles

Egg-actly where they want to be

Part of tonights entertain

Anyone looking for a co-driver?

What is this?

I know this isn't a MINI but i just had to blog it.

Answers in the comments box please.

Can anyone identify what this bloke has just run over and apparently not realised. We pulled up next to him at a set of traffic lights and it was only when i took a photo and the car next to him got his attention, that he knew he something fluffy was attached to his car!

If he's got a cat at home, i hope he can find it tonigh

JCW dash

Saturday Afternoon Report

Hi Guys,

Well what can i say....

It's hot and that's not just the weather!

There are so many different cars here, with fantastic decals and full wraps, it's truly amazing. As for GP's there are loads of them here. Common as muck (i'm glad GramPy stayed at home!).

We've bumped into quite a few of the guys from MINI2, but the best fun of the day, was Mini Cabrio (Jon) having his car washed by two buxom girls. Probably the most uninterested bloke here, but i guess they just tried to work a little harder to impress him.

It looks like Poppets managed to get his car in a German mag, as he's the only all yellow R56 in the village!

Mike Cooper's here as are our friends from Europe including a load of guys from the MINIACs (from Belgium) and MINIPOWER club (from Switzerland) including the mad Spaci (who decided he was going for a swim in the sea at 12 o'clock last night.

We're going back to the hotel for a quick freshen up before returning tonight, when Faithless are topping the bill. If last nights atmosphere is anything to go by, then it should be a good night.

Stay tuned.


Its lush


Janey Poppet and John

Jon and his clean Minx

After his 'nipple wash' by some very tasty UNITED girls.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Want some Challenge Cars

And this is only half of them

Morty shaking his arse with Chris

Just to Tantilise you

3 Generations

We've arrived and the Army are here

The music is pounding and people are dancing. The air is heavy with anticipation, for tonights fun.

With lots of gorgious girls dancing on stage, even the guys are dancing. It's hard to desribe the atmosphere, other than truky amazing.

To add to the warm welcome, as we've turned up, we've been met by Foxx Mini and company and them Morty and the Belgium crowd.

How about that for timing!

Mini Run?

Not quite, but its good to have a bit of company now we're clear of Antwerpen. There three Minis together now and i'm so excited.

Hopefully wie will get to Zandvoort in time for tonights entertainment.


Sorry guys for not blog4n somer but we've been caught in the traffic jam from hell in Antwerpen afters the storms we've had since Calais caused a problem with one of the tunnels.

Morty's just cakled and they're having a great time in the bar and the weathers been great.

Argh i want to be there!

Euro Tunnel

We've arrived early, after a clear run, and we've managed to get an earlier train.

I think the train has been a good choice, as there are problems with the Ferrys today with cancellations and delays.

We're having a quick coffee, sitting in glorious warm sunshine, before we board.

Let's hope we can take the good weather with us, as the forecast isn't so good for Zandvoort.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cosper's looking Cool

We spent a couple of hours on Cosper last night getting her ready for MINI UNITED tomorrow.

GramPy's having a rest after his trip to the Dolomites last week. So we're going to take a bit of extra cash with us, and hopefully be able to get a few extras for Cosper while we are there.

The plan is to get the Euro Tunnel to Calais tomorrow lunchtime and then onto Zandvoort for 6pm for a drink with the MINI2ers.

Can we make it in time, without attracting any attention from the Dutch Police? Tune in and follow us live from 10am tomorrow.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

So how much did it cost?

Stats for the Dolomites Challenge

Mileage = 2582
Average Speed = 44.6 mph
Average Consumption = 28.5 mpg
Petrol = £392.25
Tolls = £31.00
Speeding fine = £107 Ooops!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Back to Dover

We've arrived in A sunny Dover and just spotted the Speed Ferry setting off the pick up the rest of the Challengers

All aboard

After a mega shop at City Europe, we're England bound.

The weathers cleared at last so the crossing should be smooth. It seems strange without the others, who are getting a later crossing.

Bon Voyage France until we return for The Italian Job in October.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's so quiet

We're missing Spaci and Nathalie, but we're trying very hard to make up for the lack of noise by drinking lots of wine.

However, we're not playing the A - Z of holes game!

Back to France

After yesterdays epic journey on the Autobahns we've decided to sample some of Luxembergs country roads by putting in shortest route in the sat. nav. WOW what a great route! With twisting, climbing, wooded lanes, we've gad brilliant fun.

Now through Belgium and onto France.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Winner of the Challenge

Dav52 after getting up at 5am each morning, wins the Challenge by getting all the passes apart from one, and in the record time of 3 days.

The three amigos

Or is it, Hear no evil, See no evil and Speak no Evil?

Lager louts

Bootiful beer


Where you get a difdrent type of shoe shop and Janes been shopping

Through Strasborg

It's a bit busy here, so we've got the tractor ahead of us to clear the way

Germany or bust hopefully not busted

With over 200 miles to cover we've set off early
With 3 of the group fined yesterday, i don't expect the pace to be so quick today.

We had another crazy night last night with Andy and Spaci staying up for more icecream after drinking Schnaps all evening.

I don't know how they do it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chris v Micheal

We've arrived in Titisee after an eventful journey, with the Challengers clocking up nearly a thousand pounds in fines.

The police in this area will have a good party this weekend!

Chris making friends with the German Police

Oops what more can i say

On to Germany

After last nights training session for the schnapps drinking, we're off to The Black Forrest.

The plan of action was to have a lazy morning, but the local church had other ideas and awoke most of us a 6 o'clock with a 'bong' and then kept us awake with a 'ding' every quarter of an hour.

Just as well the schnapps was only a training session.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Shot in the dark

Spaceman building castles with our shot glasses

Romba Pass

Spaci's car coming down from the Romba Pass

Room with a view Part 2

We've arrived in a rainy but warm Austria.

Most of the group are feeling fatigued after 182 mile trek, and numerous and some stunning mountain passes. As we entered Austria, we were met with the snowfields and ice.

The strangest sight of the day was seeing local cyclists, climbing up the Romba pars to 2509 metres and then having a cigaret.

How fit would they be if they didn't smoke?

On to Austria

After last nights mamouth drinking session, we've set off for Austria. Lunch consisted of the largest plate of pasta i have ever seen with a mountain of garlic.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Statue of David with a big Willy

Bearty and company getting very drunk

Nutty liquer?

Or naughty liquer also known as beastmaster

Naughty liquer

Well actually nutty liquer

Ice Cream Italian Style

After an energetic afternoon we've stopped off for a quick ice cream.

Really at the top at the world

We've taken the cable car up to Sass Pordoi at 2950 metres.

Some of the group are walking to the top whilst the rest of us are chilling out in the sun on the terrace to have a coffee.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dinner on the way back Venice

The suns now setting and before we head back to the Mountains we've stopped of for a quick pizza.

Been Shopping

We've found possibly the only car on the island. A specially imported Ferrari Formula One car, parked in the Ferrari Shop.

It's so hot here in Venice, today. I have a feeling that we're going to feel the cold on our return to the mountains.

Greetings from Venice

On a beautiful sunny day, some of us have decided to go into Venice.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Arriived safely

After a massive 15 hour journey Chrissie and Ady arrive safely in Canazei.

Very, wvery, wery drunk

Drinking from 3pm and now, very drunk so i won't say anymore

Porsche Club

With a suspious looking Luigi (Lawrence) Llewelyn-Bowen., but fatter!