Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tick Tock Ticking Off

What an eventful day! Although the weather was overcast, with a midday start and a farely easy drive into town, Tick Tock 2 assembled outside the Rowing Club at Putney Bridge. None of the participants were as brave as one lonely oarsman, who looked half frozen in his shorts.

The plan was to drive around the more famous sites in London and snatch a few pictures, but little did we know that we were being 'watched'. After a spritely drive around Grosvenor Square (several times) group made its way towards the London Eye, only to be pounced on by several armed units of the Westminster police whilst on a busy roundabout. It appears that the sight on 6 minis driving around the square where several Embassys are located, drew the attention of the CCTV operators.

After a good 'ticking' off the group were allowed to carry on, although we were exceptionally careful not to draw any attention again.

The 'run' continued but eventually the weather did take a turn for the worse but just in time for us to have a great meal at the "Lots Road" pub. Including 2 desserts for Harpo who couldn't resist the Ginger Ice Cream and the charms of the beautiful Swedish waitress.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy birthday Buttonit

What better way to celerbrate your birthday, than with a jolly round London.and topped of with a chocolate fairy cake.

An eventful run, that even a chat with the Westminster police couldnt damper

Life Statue

Jon has been taking some tips from Chris on how to earn some extra cash to pay for the repairs for his car.

After his begging stint on the Italian Job, Chris suggested Jon might earn some extra cash as a life statue outside Smithlfields Market.
Unfortunately for Jon he picked probably the quietest spot in London today

Test of faith

A cunning start to the run, with the cars parked up on the slippery banks of the Thames outside the Thames Rowing Club.

Is Papillion testing the brakes of the Minis before setting off to the see the sites of London.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

New MINI severns Xmas dinner, how was it for you?

The New MINI severns held its annual Christmas Dinner last night at the Carpenters Arms, Stanton Wick.

It was a good turnout, with its members travelling from all over the South West (and WALES!) and few from further afield.

The Carpenters Arms came up trumps with some excellent food, and a nice private room, to segregate us rowdy MINI folk from the 'Norms'. The Game Casserole looked particulary delicious (funny how you don't see much 'road kill' about in the Stanton Wick area!).

A few highlights of the evening
-Aston, although being very camera shy all evening, played an excellent Father Christmas with his very useful gifts for everyone (thank you).
-Matrog and Becca managed to sit down to a whole meal that didn't come from the 'Golden Arches'.
-It was good to meet our friendly neighbourhood dealer, Scrogg, at last (I hope you weren't asked to talk too much shop!)

Everyone had a fantastic time, with much drinking and merryment into the wee hours until the final stragglers (you know who you are!) took to their beds.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A new line in head gear

Mini Friz modeling the Newminiseverns head wear. By the look on his face the Newminiseverns thongs are a bit tight!

Ard of hearing?

Matrog shows Minisoopercooper the latest innovation in hearing aids.

The poor old fella.. Its like the Madness of King George here!