Sunday, July 22, 2007

South Downs Done

Another great weekend at the South Downs, which couldn't be spoilt, even by the inclement weather!

A MASSIVE thanks to Lee and Company once again, for well organised and fun weekend.

Finally to all those who could attend (many others unable to get here because of the weather conditions), a MASSIVE hug from Chris and me, for your wonderful, nutty company.

Now onto the video, I hope that we can do the weekend justice.

Carry on camping guys...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nite Nite

OK, its not bedtime yet, but before i get too drunk, i'll say goodnite

Nutz about MINIs

Can you spot these unruly characters?

After a competative round of Bingo, in which our host for this weekend (Lee) managed to win the first, game, the drinking commences.

Barbie Q

Run done and its back to the campsite for another barbecue. While Jon munches on a sausage, others enjoy a game of football in glorious warm sunshine (at last!).

Great at Goodwood

Pit Stop at Goodwood Circut Although we can't get on track today its an opportunity to watch some Porsches.

The South Downs

A good turnout of 40 plus cars with many people reporting terrible road conditions on the way here.

Theres no plans at this stage to change the route and no Fords so we will see how this turns out.


One rule of blog.- do not send a picture of ones self when drunk

Crazy+MINI frog

Aka Jacked up very, VERY DRUNK

Friday, July 20, 2007

How many people to light a B-B-Q?

At last a beautiful evening and the BBQ and drinks have arrived

The MINIs Invade

With the marquee erected the suns come out and its time for the South Downers to start to party

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Guess where Cosper's been?

There's a clue in the picture.

We've been to see Tony and the guys at MINI Motorsports Centre, for a few treats for Cosper including:
-JCW strutt brace
-JCW brakes
-Braded brake hoses
And some tasty new brake fluid.


Now its onto Chichester and the campsite, to 'put our towels out' for the rest of the South Downers arriving tomorrow.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Got to be the classiest R56

So it's goodbye to his 'Johnny' and hello to Rams new Pepper White R56. As per usual Rams has something a little different, including a biege stripe.

The days finished on a great high at the Red lion pub at Blakey Ridge, after a speedy blast and dodging more sheep.

A quick coffee and chat before returning home.

Part 2

After a quick downpour, we are finding plenty of impromptu water splashes.

Lost Sheep

Alvin does a spot of off roading and rounding up a few sheep at the lunch stop

Castle Howard

First stop off of the day and a chance to re-group.

This is a beautful estate, and used in the television series Brideshead Revisted.

Onto the Moors

On a lovely sunny Sunday morning the cars are beginning to gather for todays run.

Most people are fairing pretty well considering the amount of drink consumed last night. There's 4 GPs in attendance but we've left GramPy at home this weekend so Cosper having a run out today.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


I'd like to say looking intellectual but he's just pissed

MINI2ers invade the fair

Just by chance theirs a fair at Nicky J's and the MINI2ers have invaded the dodgems

Hard Drinkin MINI2ers

Saturdays run done, and its Bar-B-Q time.All the regulars are here including Minicabrio has raced up here for a few drinks.

One of the funniest incidents today included Fevs getting caught short and having to take a pee in the hedge.


After a brief spell of rain the sun has come out and we have taken on the twisting undulating Yorkshire lanes.

The group intially got split up but somehow came together in time for the crossover point. This run involved all the attendees separated into 2 groups and being sent off in opposite directions around the route, rersulting with the groups halfway. This was great fun especially as we were caught behind a slow Audi driver, who was totally confused by all the horn blowing as the 2 groups crossed.

I think it scared him, as he pulled over in the
Next village to let us pass. Although he nearly pulled out in front of some of the cars, when he decided there was too many of us to let us all pass.

Feeling Sheepish

A great pace to the second half of the run until we were met with this crowd. Ushered along by the shepherd and his dog until the dog got fed up, laid in the road and then hitched a ride on the shepherds quad bike.

Super stars of the MINI world

We've arrived after tackling hundreds of sheep on the Yorkshire Dales.

The Tan Hill Inn is a real Olde Worlde Inne, with sheep even in thd bar.
The highest pub in England and who do we meet? Quack Quack Jack and Quack Quack Jill.

Jack proudly wearing his new badges after his trip to the US both have just got back from MINI UNITED.