Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pub meet

As April draws to a close, its time for the Hertfordshire montly meet at Redbourn. There's the usual crowd, plus a few extras, including this rather familiar car in the centre, belonging to Jackedup.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gayest car?

Track done, and two very familiar faces are found at the rear.

On track

On grid

Lined up ready to go

After a dreary start to the day, the sun's decided to show it's face, just upon our arrival at Pease Pottage Services, our starting point for todays run to Goodwood Circuit.

Organised by.118, there's a great attendance, with fabulous support from KAES MINI club.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Most Haunted or Most haunting?

Last night at the Fort and its quiz and prize giving time. We're having a party in RVWs room which consists of a huge lounge with full size dining suite and huge fire place.

I'm off for more wine!

Back to the hotel

After a days trekking around the Ardennes, it's back to the hotel. We've tackled all types of weather today, from snow to brilliant sunshine.

We've visited a couple of mountain passes and lovely little villages and even a medievil market.

Tonights plan of action is to remain in the hotel and partake in the annual French Weekend quiz and pressent the prize for the photo competion yesterday.

Forget the last blog

Absolutely amazing! We've just turned into a road and the temperature drop 2 degrees and an inch and a half of snow has fallen in less than 2 minutes and the cars are going nowhere! EEEK..

Pass Out

After yesterdays damp squib we're making the most of the morning sun, by going on a hunt for mountains passes.

Ardennes, not the most mountainous areas but we've found 5 within 20km.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sunday Canine Caper

After a fantastic meal and LOTS of drink, its an early start for todays cruise around the Ardennes.

We're all being sent off one minute apart to give individual cars time to take part in todays task, which is to take pictures of various dogs.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Into Thee Forte

Wow, what a place, Its so hard to convey the size of this place. It is huge! Some of the rooms even have their own mezzanin floor.

After a quick drink we are all off to get some food and lots to drink!

Reims Racing

A quick stop off at the old racing circuit at Reims before we head to hotel in Sedan.

The circuit, now disused, is a public road, however the French still maintain part of thd buildings, painting small sections of the main building, presumably to entice tourists to the area to have their picture taken,

Whilst we are waiting the cars are getting plenty of attention, including one gentleman who was in a BMW, who advised me that he had a MINI and belonged to Club Neuvelle MINI.

Meet up

After an early (very early) start, we caught the 7am Speed Ferry to France. After grabbing a quick breakfast on board, we've made our way to Compeigne, to meet up with the rest of the French Weekend Crew, before we make our way to Reims and the old race circuit.

After a grey start to the day, the suns come out and its now very warm and sunny. Lets hope it stays that way for the whole weekend!