Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lac d'estaing

We had mammoth trip into Spain yesterday, taking in the Col du Aspin and a twisty 30 mile road the likes of which we can only dream of back in the Uk.

With the temperature rising by the day we decided to take some time out at a local lake where Chris rustlf up a Cassule whth Toulouse saurages on the camp stove.

Now its onto Carcassone on the way to the South of France where the temperatures currently 32 and sunny.

Better get the sun screen on!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

St Savin

Our base for the next couple of days is the hotel Les Rochers in the picturesque village of St Savin (10 km south of Lordes).

We spent the day yesterday, exploring the area to the west and took a ride on Europe's highest railway. Although it was cold in the open carriages, the scenery was magnificent and the Marmottes almost tame, coming right up to the train when it stopped.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Ile De Re

We had a marvelous drive down to La Rochelle, yesterday avoiding the motorways. Having stopped off for an ice cream we then made our way across the 3km bridge to the Ile De Re.

Our hotel (Maree) is situated right on the front, overlooking a beautiful bay and the bridge.

After dropping our luggage off we toured this wonderful island. With the sun shinning it had the feel of a Carribean island, with its little houses, blue sea and white beaches.

Before we returned to our hotel, we stopped off at the Islands capital (St Martins) to have a Campari whilst relaxing and overlooling the gorgeous harbour.

Ile De Re, if you get a chance to visit this place, do so, its stunning.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


First stop at time for a cool beer overlooking the lake. Bagnoles is a very pretty town which might be a little too 'Disney' for some, with its pristeen shop and cafes.

A chance for a guick swim in the hotels pool for some of us and the dinner at a local bistro, with the some of the biggest plates of food that i've seen. Including a plate of duck (consisting of confit, smoke, roast and fois grais with pickles and salad). Phew! bedtime i think.

D-Day has arrived

Preparing to board our ferry at Dover and we've been joined group of Caterhams. The weather in France ir currently wet so i know where i'd rather be and that's in our MINI.

After an early start we're hoping to catch some breakfast on the ferry before we set off, to our first stop of Bagnoles, near LeMans.