Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lac d'estaing

We had mammoth trip into Spain yesterday, taking in the Col du Aspin and a twisty 30 mile road the likes of which we can only dream of back in the Uk.

With the temperature rising by the day we decided to take some time out at a local lake where Chris rustlf up a Cassule whth Toulouse saurages on the camp stove.

Now its onto Carcassone on the way to the South of France where the temperatures currently 32 and sunny.

Better get the sun screen on!


RB said...

I've been away form your blog for a long time but wondered how has the Clubman been doing? Mileage good? Any problems? Been thinking of getting a used one maybe next year when the boom has gone off it price wise.

Humph said...

Really good to see some updates here guys. Looks like you had a ball.

Great to see you a United. Really sorry to hear about the Italian Job, you will be missed. Hope everything is sorted now.