Saturday, November 08, 2008

MINI graveyard

I take it these cars won't be on the rollers today. It's so sad to see someones once pride and joy cast aside, but these cars realy are beyond repair and ready for the breakers.

We've had an interesting and noisy afternoon. And a massive thankyou to our host, Paul from 1320 Autos and the guys from Mini Torque who've helped to raise more money for the Charity, Kidsout.

Interestingly, for those of you that follow our adventures, today on our way home we got caught up in the middle of the Huntingdon Hunt.

With 20 plus horses surrounding the car, you can imagine how nervous Chris was, considering his last encounter with a horse!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

I had a few questions that i wanted to email you with. However i cant seem to find your email. Can you help?