Sunday, January 13, 2008

Never trailing behind

East Coast Mini Club definitely show why they're a unique club, Brettles New MINI trailer.


Anonymous said...

You guys still alive?

RB said...

I like that trailer. I had seen one here in the colonies at MINIs In The Mountains. There were also a lot of tear drop type.

You live where? I live in Southern California and have a small bizz selling MINI stuff for the classic and new.

Had a Question about Quack Quack Jack? I see another here in the states, Ian Cull of GBMINI.COM, uses the same name for the his duck. What's up with the duck?

Robert @

Anonymous said...

Yes, Robert - it's the same QQJ! I took him to MINI United last summer and handed him on to Brit-based MINI owners :)

RB said...

Ah, Mr Cull. I wasn't sure if it was maybe something I missed having to do with ITJ one or two.